About us

We are professionals in growing the plant Cannabis sativa. We are focused on growing the variety of cannabis that are allowed by the laws of EU. We are mainly interested in quality extracts, which are primarily intended for humans and animals. Together, they support the development of the cannabis industry and many other paths to a better life on Earth.

Growing, control of source and origin of all plants

We are growing the cannabis for our customers in a smart way in monitored greenhouses and thanks to that we have the whole life cycle of the plant under control. From the seed to the subsequent flower, we help the plants to grow healthily, so that we can then meet in profile with the active substances that customers demand. Cannabinoids do not enter the plant until the very end of cultivation, and thanks to our know-how we have full control over this phase.

Drying is art, we've got it!

The hemp that we harvest, travels to a kiln, which is used exclusively for hemp. Thanks to a special method with a gentle drying approach, we have a really high-quality herb for our customers. Did you know that cannabis dries right next to a field? It has many advantages.

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